Christmas Intentions

When the summer school holidays come around, it does not mean that it is only time for presents and festive decorations, it is about spreading the Christmas spirit too. Decorating your home, putting your tree up and sharing some special memories with your loved ones. This year for me it feels like it’s going to be a little more special than last.

Yesterday we put up our tree, the kids decorated and my youngest walked around our home chanting “Merry Christmas” we put the camera on timer and I watched small conversations about presents & Santa between the two. I joined in for some hugs & kisses whilst documenting a small few minutes of our day.

This year we are going to practice a more soft approach to gifting on Christmas day. My intention is for us to go around the room opening each present one at a time. To allow everyone to admire the gift and to give our children the time to truly appreciate their present and to thank us for it (and Santa of course) I want my children to continue to learn and appreciate each giving moment.

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Nadia Harrison