The Long Goodbye

Yesterday (Wednesday 29th May @ 5.20am) my Nan, our Queen, Our matriarch - soul was reunited with our dear Poppa. The last 2 weeks she has been surrounded by all her 7 children and 68 Mokopuna. (Granchildren) and I am so honoured and so privileged to be able to share this special time with her and my whanau and document what was the lasting days of her life. Every day I was by her bedside, everyday holding her hand. Smelling her face and each day yearning to hear her laugh again.

To my Nanny.

You taught me so much in life.
To love unconditionally.
To forgive.
To give my children, and my grandchildren boundaries but also let them have fun.
To take no shit.
To laugh always and be happy.
To Be cool.
To carry on our culture and remind myself where I come from.
To always honour you & Poppa.
To be like you and Poppa & to live a long prosperous happy, honest & truthful marriage.

I will cherish my memories with you & always hold your name close to my heart. I will carry on your legacy as much as I can.

In memory of.
Parekaraka Henrietta Hayward
Our Nanny. Our Queen.

Nadia Harrison