Fresh 48 with Rose

Anyone else get completely immersed into newborn LOVE! Sitting for hours on end just staring at this little human thinking how the fudge did my body make that!? ME…. ?? Bones, a little face, a little human grew INSIDE me… ME!!!??

On the 3rd January 2019 I met Rose, Ayla & Ben. Ayla was only 4 hours new. I remember walking into their hospital room - we hadn’t met before but it seemed so easy. I was so caught up in all them newborn feels I wanted one for me! AGAIN (yes I have 2 already) BUT that time will come. For now I was watching how Rosie was just so infatuated with her little girl, Ben was completely hands on and knew just exactly what to do with her the bond they all shared together will be something Ayla can treasure forever. It was so precious to watch. The room was quiet and Ayla was getting use to her sense of being earth side now. I quietly captured their raw authentic touch, the connections & the first few hours of Ayla being welcomed into this big wide world.

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Nadia Harrison